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Lale Nebula

Lale Nebula
Destroyed Block SINTRA Viscosity Collagraph
12.5 x 15 in.
Edition: 8/8 – $100 – 5 available

Tulips (lale) originated from Persia. A look inside reveals a cloistered world of color and pattern. I am struck by their similarity to some galaxies.


Golgi Apparatus

Golgi Apparatus
Viscosity SINTRA Collagraph
30 x 22 in.
Edition: 6/6 – $275 – 4 available

The Golgi Apparatus is an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells. I like that the micro-bits of our bodies resemble the creatures and landscapes deep in our oceans which, in turn, resemble the outer reaches of our universe.

This is a viscosity collagraph print. The plate was both carved into and built up on using gel medium and sand. Ink was forced into the carved grooved surface (intaglio) and, in the same run, also rolled on top of the surface (relief) using inks at different viscosities to encourage chemical reactions and repulsions and interesting minglings.

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